Matcha Sugar Cookies

Two months before Christmas, and already all I am thinking is cookies, cookies, cookies. After last year’s “soft cookie” mishap (hint: do not gift wrap crispy cookies in the same container as moist ones, unless you want a sad limp box of biscuits), I’ve decided to stick to a sampling of everybody’s favourite: shortbreads. Excited to use my newly arrived organic matcha, I put together a test a batch using two tablespoons of the vibrant green tea powder. As soon as the dough came together, I realised from the colour, texture and smell that my key ingredient was incredibly potent. I learned that if you are working with a high quality tea, you can and should use a fraction of what the recipe calls for. The second lesson was that matcha powder needs sugar the same way cocoa powder does, so I switched to a basic sugar cookie recipe and found success. I added half a tablespoon of matcha to the recipe, scrapped in a beautifully plump organic vanilla bean, and pressed the cut shapes into granulated sugar to add¬†extra sweetness and some¬†sparkle. In the end I had a mildly flavoured and pleasantly sweet little cookie that would be lovely to share with a tea-drinking friend.

And so two months of cookies kicks off not with a shortbread, but with a simple cut-out. I did however have time to sneak in a test batch of dark chocolate shortbread, and they were so naughty I plan on seeing how they go over at my sister’s shop this week. I will try to get some good shots of the ladies mid munching, these bittersweet cookies are an absolutely blissful experience.

matcha powder

matcha flower