In Photos: Spiced Butternut Squash Hand Pies

Hand Pies 101

  • Keep it small. Not just the size (think poptarts) but also the number of pies you plan to make. Baking three pies for twenty-five people is much more practical than fashioning individual hand pies for each person. Save this project for a weekend treat to share with a few well deserving friends.
  • Keep that pastry cold. Always work with a well chilled pastry to ensure that the pies will hold their shape and bake up nice and flaky. Store the cut circles in the fridge and assemble them one at a time, and once they are sealed place the pastries in the freezer for 5 minutes just before baking.
  • Right before they go into the oven, brush the pies with a light eggs wash to promote a golden finish, cut two small slits in the top pastry for ventilation, and sprinkle with course sanding sugar for crunch and sparkle.
  • Eat with vanilla bean ice cream.

Up Next: An ‘original’ recipe for squash cake. Squash cake… squash… cake. Or shall I say, how would you like a lovely Acorn Tea Loaf, or a perhaps a streuseled Butternut-Pecan Coffee Cake?

the finished product

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