Welcome to the Dough House

Welcome to the Dough House…

… where we are baking the good life, one batch at a time.

Here at the Dough House, we are devoted to learning the art of pastry by baking our way through some of the best recipe collections available, using fresh natural and seasonal ingredients. Join us as we discover how to turn our sweetest desires into the perfect dessert, through pictures and explanations of the most essential tips and techniques.

Our posts will focus on fundamentals such as flaky pie crusts, smooth caramel, silky pastry creams, how to select and handle key ingredients such as fruit, citrus, spice, and nuts, and how to read and select recipes.

This fall, our kitchen will be home to autumn’s many rich flavours baked into decadent pies, tarts, and tortes.

We will also be featuring a shortbread of the week through November, as we adapt and develop recipes for a special holiday shortbread sampler.

If you have any questions or would like a link to a specific recipe, let us know! We love to talk shop.

Thank you for visiting the Dough House, we can’t wait to share our passion for pastry with you.

Happy baking!

The Dough House

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